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Crossroads Strength and Conditioning


“Jane is a phenomenal trainer! She pays close attention to strengths and weaknesses, always pushing you to do your best and exceed your goals. Whether you are looking for coaching for running, personal training or in a small group setting, Jane is the best of the best!” – Katie

“I had just recently started a new exercise routine and received a stress fracture and sprained my ankle and stopped working out due to my injuries.  Jane told me about her program and was willing to work with me and modify the exercises so I could still workout, keep my heart rate going and build up my strength.  I have a lot of weight to lose so it was important to me that I keep moving, and she has been so creative in modifying the exercises, making me feel like I was still part of the workout, progressing in my strength, sweating my butt off, all while being protective of the injuries I had.  Her workouts are fun, and different every time, and I am surprised when I can do what she challenges me to do.  There are people at all fitness levels, from beginner to the very fit, and the workouts are planned so that everyone is working to their full potential.  It’s truly a workout like no other. Thanks to Jane I am continuing to focus on my fitness goals while my injuries continue to heal. I would recommend people to go try a free class.  It could change your life like it did mine.” –Jill

” Jane, I want to thank you for all the work you have done for me and all the patience you have.  I know the gains I have made might seem small to other people, but they are huge to me.  At my age (I hate that phrase – but there it is) it is so important to maintain flexibility and strength – and you have really enabled me to get so much better.” –Gail (72 yrs young)

“I can’t tell you how much of an impact you have had on me. You have always supported me and pushed me to reach what I thought was an unattainable goal in each and every workout. I know I wouldn’t be as far along as I am without your coaching, your caring and your determination to make me a better athlete. You are everything I could ever want in a trainer.” –E

“Having never really been an exercise person I was a bit nervous when I started taking Jane’s small group classes. However Jane never let me down and helped me when I needed it and modified things to my skill level. With her support and the extra push I have become stronger both physically and emotionally. Jane is one of a kind trainer and cares so much for each and every one of her clients. Meeting Jane was life changing for sure!!!” –Melissa

“Jane is an excellent trainer. She is a perfect combination of tough (“Jane you are killing me!”) and warm (“Rachael you are doing great!”), and she works with the person as a whole…mentally, emotionally and physically. She somehow makes working out fun and I have gotten great results!” –Rachael