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Crossroads Strength and Conditioning

group training classes

Group Training Classes are a great way to get an overall full body workout utilizing various equipment. Here you will find different class styles and formats to work both strength and cardiovascular conditioning. There is something for everyone! ALL LEVELS WELCOME!!

You can choose from the following classes Kettlebells, Timed Format, Conditioning, HIT (High Intensity Training), and Lift (All strength class). We use a variety of equipment in all classes such as medicine balls, kettle bells, dumbbells, barbells, sled, ropes and so much more.

Here are a brief description of all our classes:

Kettlebells - The kettlebell is a round cast iron weight with a handle that is used to perform exercises for cardiovascular, strength and flexibility. It's great alternative to using weights and when blended with various exercises can be a great full body workout.These short yet effective workouts give you a lot of bang for your buck! One of the only all kettlebell classes on the North Shore! Come in and give this challenging workout a try! 

Conditioning - This workout always packs a punch! Using a variety of equipment, skills and drills, this workout will surely get your heart rate pumping. If you are bored from your typical steady state cardio (running, eliptcal, walking) and enjoy the cardiovascular part of your cardio workout, then give this class a try. Not only will burn a ton of calories but it's a great fat burner as well! If you want results, change things up and give this class a try!

HIT - In our High Intenstiy Training class, you never know what kind of moves you're going to see in this class! Different formats, to different equipment and all kinds of fun! This class gets you moving with a great blend of weights and cardiovascular conditioning to give you an overall full body workout in a short amount of time. Why spend hours in the gym when you can get results in half the time! Looking to tighten up your body than this is the class for you!

Timed Format - This workout has become one of our most popular classes at CSC. There is always a time domain which means there is a specific amount of time that the workout is done in. This class can be done in an AMRAP (as many rounds or reps as possible), circuit, Tabata, or a few mini workouts within a workout. There are so many different styles that fall into this category which makes this class always ever changing. This class is typically less than 30 mins but turns is always an awesome workout. It could be your favorite too!

LIFT - This is our most popular class! Lift day is an all strength training class. Slower paced and focuses on building strength without the high intensity cardio/conditioning element. If you looking to change your body and lose fat, this is the class for you. Get strong, build lean muscle mass and tighten your body. Come lift with us!!

Class sizes are limited to 12 participants to ensure that you will receive personalized attention. We value teaching our clients proper technique and movement progressions for optimal results and for prevention of injuries. All new clients will receive a consultation/screening.

Group Training Class packages are one month in length or 30 days.  First class is always FREE!

Monthly Packages and Prices

3x per Week $140

Unlimited Classes $160

Teens (13-17) 3x per week $100


Email Jane at crossroadssac@gmail.com for any addtional questions